All the good that a turkey can Provide.

You gotta thank the gobble gobble

Good morning everybody and happy thanksgiving day. Today I like to say to thank our turkey for a wonderful vacation and that sweet delicious turkey I can sink my teeth in. No better than to come up new games turkey and post them in my web.

However, finding any turkey games was extremely harder than I had ever image. I’m thinking of not posting any turkey video games next year, but I will again if they post any turkey related games at that time.

So enjoy the potato gravy side dish and the food. A turkey for our main dish and the games below are the things get started for the special day.


Try to survive and hunt: ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game set in an open world environment with a dynamic day-night cycle and played either from a third-person or first-person perspective.

To survive, players must establish a base, with a fire and weapons; additional activities, such as taming and feeding dinosaurs, require more resources.

The game’s world, known as the “Ark”, is approximately 48 km2 (19 sq mi) in size: there is approximately 36 km2 (14 sq mi) of land with 12 km2 (4.6 sq mi) of ocean.

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There are currently 132 species of creatures that populate the world of ARK. The majority of creatures can be tamed by the player, though some, such as Meganeura or Titanomyrma, cannot. Creatures in the game can be tamed, and the method varies creature by creature.

Most are “violent” tames, meaning the players must knock the creature out using blunt weapons, such as a club, or through the use of tranquilizing projectiles like tranq darts. Once knocked out, the player can feed them food, such as berries for herbivores or raw meat for carnivores, with different foods taming at different speeds.

Some creatures can also be tamed passively, by approaching them and carefully giving them food. Once a creature is tamed, it will follow the commands of the player who tamed them. As well, most creatures can be ridden, and therefore allow the player to utilize the creature’s abilities, such as flight or fast underwater movement.

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When riding atop certain creatures, players can still use weapons. They can also be used to carry items, and players can issue offensive and defensive commands to them; for example, a pack of Utahraptors can be assigned to defend the base, or a group of Triceratops can be ordered to attack an enemy’s base.

Some of the larger creatures, such as a Brontosaurus or Mosasaurus, can have a building platform placed on their back, giving players a mobile, though small, base. The game also features various other animals, such as the dodo, saber-toothed cat, woolly mammoth, Meganeura, Titanomyrma, and Doedicurus. Every creature in the game has living ecosystems and predator hierarchies.

Players must keep track of various meters, such as health, stamina, oxygen, hunger, thirst, and “weight”, or how much they can carry. Should players take damage, their health meter will gradually regenerate if they have consumed the necessary food, or if they craft items that regenerate the health meter at a faster pace. Otherwise, a player’s health meter will gradually regenerate over time. Players can gain experience though harvesting materials, crafting, or killing.

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Once the player has obtained enough experience, they will gain a level point, which can be spent improving one of the players stats, which include max health, max stamina, max oxygen, max food meter, max water meter, max carry weight, melee damage, movement speed, and crafting speed.

As of August 2018, the maximum player level is 103, plus an additional 30 levels to be gained by defeating end-game bosses. Tamed creatures can also gain experience and level points, which can be spent on similar stats. Creatures spawn into the game at levels ranging from 1 to 150, and, when tamed, can gain up to 75 more levels by gaining experience.

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Developer: Studio Wildcard

Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Director: Jesse Rapczak and Jeremy Stieglitz

Producer: Navin Supphapholsiri and Dave Loyd

Designer: Kayd Hendricks 

Composer: Gareth Coker 

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS,

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Release: August 29, 2017

Genre: Action-Adventure and Survival

Mode: Single-player and Multiplayer  

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Customer Review: 84

Opening: Trailer

Name Price: Amazon=$50. eBay=$40. GameStop=$50 on both.

Where: Amazon, eBay, Game Stop and Nintendo Switch


Defend the town: South Park 64


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A mysterious comet is approaching the earth, described by the opening narration as a force of concentrated evil that no force of good can stand against.

As it comes closer, South Park is beset by enemies, including rabid mutant turkeys, deformed clones of the townsfolk, alien visitors, berserk robots, and sentient killer toys. Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny hear about the dangers from Chef, and take up arms to investigate their sources and defend the town.

South Park is a first-person shooter. The game’s single player mode places the player in control of one of the four main characters of South Park. The player must defeat a variety of enemies using the various weapons found throughout each stage in order to reach the exit point at the end.

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In addition to completing levels, the player must also prevent large enemies in the stage from reaching the exit before they do. If they fail to do so, they will be forced to defend South Park from the ‘Tanks’ in a short minigame after the stage.

In Head-to-Head mode, the players select a level, characters, and game style. The Microsoft Windows version allows for online head-to-head play.
In the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions, upon reaching select stages in single player mode, codes are revealed.

These can then be input into the “Cheesy Poofs Decoder” to unlock additional characters for Head-to-Head play. All characters are unlocked in the Microsoft Windows version.

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Developer: Iguana Entertainment, Appaloosa Interactive, and Crawfish Interactive.

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Producer: David Dienstbier

Designer: Jeff Everett and Neil Glancey

Composer: Darren Mitchell and Tim Folin

Engine: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Platform: Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation

Release: December 12, 1998

Genre: Adventure, First-person shooter, and Platform

Mode: Single-player and multiplayer

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Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Customer Review: 82

Name Price: Amazon=$181. eBay=$5. Game Stop=$8

Opening: Trailer

Where: Amazon, eBay, and Game Stop


World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Expansion

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The expansion is set after the events of Mists of Pandaria and takes place in an alternate universe on the world of Draenor, the original homeworld of the orcs as it appeared in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, prior to its destruction in the ending of that game and the creation of Outland as featured in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Legendary characters of Warcraft’s past, such as Grommash Hellscream, Ner’zhul, Gul’dan, and Blackhand appear.

At the end of Mists of Pandaria, Garrosh Hellscream is overthrown as Warchief of the Horde by a combined Alliance–Horde force and taken into custody by the Pandaren so that he can stand trial for the atrocities he committed in Pandaria.

However, before he can be judged, Garrosh escapes captivity with the aid of Kairozdormu (a renegade bronze dragon) and travels to the orcish homeworld of Draenor 35 years in the past, prior to the rise of the Horde.

As soon as they arrive Garrosh kills Kairoz then proceeds to change history by preventing his father Grommash from drinking the blood of the demon lord Mannoroth, which led to the orc’s corruption by the Burning Legion and played a major role in the events of the first three Warcraft games.

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This interferes with history, creating an alternate timeline where the orcish clans unite into an “Iron Horde” by using technology Garrosh brought from his time. The Iron Horde begin a war of conquest on Draenor by killing Mannoroth and building a Dark Portal that allows them to travel through time and lay siege to the Azeroth of the present era.

The adventurers storm the Dark Portal and with the help of Khadgar fight back the Iron Horde Vanguard back into the alternate Draenor. The adventurers use the Iron Horde’s own weaponry to destroy the Draenor side of the Dark Portal but are subsequently forced to flee in order to evade the full might of the Iron Horde.

The Azeroth Vanguard flee to the docks and split into two ships; with the Alliance following the Draenei and the Horde joining the Frostwolf Clan. Afterwards, the Alliance and Horde establish bases with portals to Azeroth to bring in supplies and soldiers.

The Alliance and Horde and their Draenor allies fight back the Iron Horde and ultimately confront the escaped war criminal Garrosh Hellscream in Nagrand. Garrosh lashes back and the forces are saved by the intervention of Thrall who challenged Garrosh to mak’gora – a duel of honor that can lead to death.

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In the battle that follows, Garrosh initially has the upper hand and blames Thrall for his failures since Thrall picked him as Warchief, but Thrall countered that it was caused by his own choices. Thrall then kills Garrosh by using his elemental powers.

With the creator of the Iron Horde dead, the Alliance and Horde adventurers and their Draenor allies set to dismantle the Iron Horde. The adventurers storm into the Gorian Empire’s capital of Highmaul to defeat the Iron Horde’s allies.

In the raid, the adventurers kill the Warlord of the Shattered Hand Clan, Kargath Bladefist. They proceed to slay the creations of the Gorian Empire, including the spellbreakers and the Sorcerer King Imperator Mar’Gok.

Later the Blackrock Clan, led by Warlord Blackhand, challenge the Horde and Alliance to assault their domain; the Blackrock Foundry. The adventurers take up the challenge by storming through the forge, destroying important Iron Horde machinery, and blocking further growth of the Iron Horde’s weaponry. Finally, the adventurers arrive at Blackhand’s crucible and slay him.

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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment 

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment 

Director: Tom Chilton and Alex Afrasiabi 

Designer: Cory Stockton, Ion Hazzikostas, Brian Holinka, and Chadd Nervig

Composer: Russell Brower, Neal Acree, Clint Bajakian, Sam Cardon, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, Edo Guidotti, and Eimear Noone.

Series: Warcraft

Platform: Microsoft Windows and OS X

Release: November 13, 2014

Genre: Massively Multiplayer online Role-playing game (MMORPG).

Mode: Multiplayer

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Customer Review: 748

Name Price: Amazon:=$35. eBay=$20.

Opening: Trailer

Where: Amazon, eBay,


Tackle the big boys: Madden NFL 17

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Madden NFL 17 features an overhauled offensive, defensive, and special teams systems, including new mechanics and authentic AI. New ball carrier special moves are now spread out across all the different player types in the NFL.

Big backs have better trucks and stiff arms, while smaller backs have better jukes and spins, giving players more creative control. For new Madden players, special move prompts recommend actions that can breakdown your opponent and become a better Madden player.

while improved Zone Coverage balances out the passing game. The game also includes an improved Special Teams system providing more options to players, including the ability to “ice” the kicker.

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Tackle Battles are a new in-game mechanic that allows players to break free for extra yardage by completing prompts. A new defensive AI to date delivers authentic “gap play” across the field. Grounded in current NFL strategies, all-new “gap play” puts defenders in a position to stop the run from a variety of angles.

Franchise Mode has added features including practice squad, full-player editing, and in-game ticker to stay updated with other teams across your league.

A new Game Planning system allows the player to pick the right drills to prepare for specific teams. A new Moments feature allows players to jump to game-defining players, drives, and situations for easing sharing.

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Developer: EA Tiburon 

Publisher: EA Sports 

Series: Madden NFL 

Engine: Ignite 

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360

Release: August 23, 2016

Genre: Sports

Mode: Single-player Multiplayer 

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Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Customer Review: 1,019

Name Price: Amazon=$8. eBay=$24. Game Stop=$10

Opening: Trailer

where: Amazon, eBay, and Game Stop


Teach us how to learn, Turkey.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

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Players take control of a villager who is moving into a new town. Upon arrival, however, the player is mistaken as the town mayor and is given that position instead of being an amazing resident.

Like previous games in the series, the game revolves around the player as they explore their town, talk with other residents, and participate in various activities such as fishing and bug catching.

Doing various activities or selling various items earns Bells which players can use to purchase various items such as furniture or clothes, or pay towards loans used to renovate their house.

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The game is played in real-time with the Nintendo 3DS system’s internal clock, with aspects such as shop opening times, species of wildlife and special events varying depending on the time of day and season.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduces many new features to the series.

Players begin the game living in a tent before their house is built, which eventually can be upgraded and expanded. Customization, a major part of the series, particularly in the player’s ability to modify the character’s appearance and furnish the living space, has also been enhanced.

The character’s pants can now be modified in addition to their shirt, shoes, hat, and accessory; and the ability to hang furniture on walls has been added. Features previously used in the Japanese exclusive Dōbutsu no Mori e+ for the GameCube, such as benches and lamp posts, which had been removed from following releases, have returned.

Another addition is the new ability to swim in the ocean that borders the village. Players may visit each other’s towns using the Nintendo Network and can be added to a friend’s list that allows them to exchange messages with one another, while up to four players at a time can travel to the tropical Tortimer Island to take part in various minigames that award medals.

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Players are also able to take snapshots at any time, which are saved to the Nintendo 3DS Camera and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The game features a new game mechanic that makes the player the town mayor, allowing them to have more customization of their town than in previous games.

While taking part in mayoral duties is not obligatory to play the game,[13] being the head of town imparts two gameplay features new to the series: Public Works Projects and Ordinances.

Public Works Projects allow players to collect funds from townsfolk and other visiting players to construct new objects such as bridges, fountains, and light poles, as well as add new facilities such as police stations and cafés.

Ordinances gives players the ability to customize the way their town functions by passing laws, such as making the town more wealthy, encouraging citizens to plant more flowers, or making the shops open earlier or later.

Only the first person to register a save file on each copy of the game will be able to become mayor, as subsequent save files will only be able to become villagers.

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Developer: Nintendo EAQ

Publisher: Nintendo

Director: Isao Moro and Aya Kyogoku

Producer: Kaysuya Eguchi

Writer: Makoto Wada

Composer: Manaka Kataoka, Atsuko Asahi, and Kazumi Totaka

Series: Animal Crossing  

Platform: Nintendo 3DS 

Release: November 8, 2012

Genre: Social Simulation 

Mode: Single-player and Multiplayer

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Customer Review: 1,546

Name Price: Amazon=$30. eBay=$20. Game Stop=$20

Opening: Trailer

Where: Amazon, eBay, Game Stop


Our brother join the Templers: Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered

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Immediately after the events of the previous game, Desmond Miles, his father William, with allies Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings find the Temple of the First Civilization in a cave in New York and access it using their Apple of Eden, an ancient artifact of immense power.

After partially activating the temple, Juno uses it to communicate with Desmond. Desmond is placed in the Animus where Juno’s influence causes him to experience the life of his ancestor Haytham Kenway in 1754 century England.

Haytham assassinates a patron at the Royal Opera House and steals a medallion; the Key to the Temple’s inner chamber. Haytham is dispatched to the American Colonies to locate the Temple.

While in Boston, he kills a slave trader, freeing a group of Mohawks including a woman named Kaniehti:io, who asks Haytham to refer to her as Ziio after he proves unable to pronounce her full name. She helps Haytham find the Temple in exchange for him killing General Braddock.

Haytham and Ziio find that the Key is not able to open the temple itself. The pair develop a romantic relationship during their time together, which results in a son, Ratonhnhaké:ton.

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Haytham is then seen inducting a new member, Charles Lee into the Order, only for it to be shown to actually be the Templar Order instead of the Assassins.

The perspective then shifts to Ratonhnhaké:ton’s childhood in 1760. His mother dies during an attack on his village which Ratonhnhaké:ton believes was led by the Templar Charles Lee.

Years later, the village Elder informs a teenage Ratonhnhaké:ton that their tribe’s duty is to prevent the Temple’s discovery. The Elder gives him a transparent Sphere which allows Juno to communicate with him; she tells him of his importance and shows him the Assassins’ symbol.

The symbol leads him to the retired Assassin Achilles Davenport, who reluctantly begins training him as an assassin.

Achilles suggests Ratonhnhaké:ton rename himself “Connor” to enable him to move more freely throughout the Colonies, in fear that some colonists might reject him as a tribe member.

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While seeking supplies in Boston, Connor is framed by the Templars for instigating the Boston Massacre. Over the following years, Connor kills several Templars, and aids in the Revolutionary War between the Patriots and the British.

Connor meets with his father, and the two forge a temporary alliance to eliminate a rogue Templar. Later, Haytham uncovers a letter detailing George Washington’s plan to remove the Indigenous population, including Connor’s tribe, from the frontier to prevent them supporting the Loyalists.

Connor returns to his village and learns that Lee has recruited several Mohawk warriors to turn back the Patriots sent to eradicate them. Connor neutralizes the warriors to avoid conflict, but his childhood friend Kanen’tó:kon cannot be reasoned with and Connor is forced to kill him.

Meanwhile, Desmond is occasionally roused from the Animus to retrieve power cells from Manhattan and Brazil, necessary for activating the Temple, before the Templar Daniel Cross can take them.

William goes after the final cell himself, but is captured by the Templars’ modern day front, Abstergo Industries. Desmond assaults the facility, kills Cross and Warren Vidic, and rescues his father.

See the source image

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal 

Publisher: Ubisoft 

Director: Alex Hutchinson 

Producer: Francois Pelland 

Designer: Steven Masters 

Programmer: David Champagne

Artist: The Chinh Ngo

Writer: Corey May

Composer: Lorne Balfe

Series: Assassin’s Creed

Engine: AnvilNext  

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Release: October 30, 2012

Genre: Action-Adventure and Stealth 

Mode: Single-player and Multiplayer 

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Customer Review: 2,137

Name Price: Amazon=$14, eBay=$14. 

Opening: Trailer

Where: Amazon, eBay

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