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Hey guys, and once again here we are talking only about accessories, not video games well not related to them but their accessories.

We are all big fans of classic games to 2D games with a touching story and either beautiful song or music.

But also see their design logo and merchandise. To keep them as a reminder of how a big fan we are, so without further ado.

Kingdom hearts pendant

One of our bravery and the brazen hero always takes off in the battle to defeat enemies to restoring order, but what better way to do that with a key blade. Yes and without it, all worlds will collapse in madness and destruction.

Different designs and enhancement enabled but short size chains to walk around with. Different blades with different attribute to Sora passive abilities.

What better feeling to get a keyblades keychains around you to get the power of light.

Lock in at Amazon

Uncharted ring

Hard header, heavy intense and snappy comeback is drake deceptions rings who to believe is sir Frances Drake left behind so others find the treasure.

No one knows where it is except combining with a cipher decoder with the ring in it to discover Francis lost a treasure. With all conspiracy organization out there to make their fortunate riches as well of obtaining fame to pass down legacy.

Find the treasure in here Amazon

Final fantasy favorite mascot Moogle

Since the third game of final fantasy, Moogle has always been our mascot to support of the protagonist.

They are like our lucky charm, just like the product that I’m selling. The cushion of Moogle face… Well sitting down on him will be kinda disrespectful.

After all, they are like our sidekick, ready to take our order, bring down our enemy, protect their kind. That kinda stuff.

But not enjoying our relaxation on him will feel like we don’t take his hospitality at all.

Especially when the world has come to chaos by our evil counterparts. I wonder what kind of evil counter parts is to moogle?

His pink magic will always give us the edge to go move forward. Even at the lowest of our peak.

Get the magic feel like this. Amazon

Ratchet and Clank flat shoes

Yes yes, I know, this two heavy utility, back by back duo will stop at nothing to protect the salona galaxy.

With these shoes imagine all these risks to win dangers that ratchet and clank had to go through.

Such as grind rail, gravity booths, and rocket boost. Compare to normal shoes is well ordinary with any other.

Well, balanced, good comfort feeling, won’t fell off and high good quality.

Blast off to this destination. Amazon

Persona own personal bag

Dealing with death, accept the present, drag himself to the nonsense phenomenon. The protagonist will have to deal this to the next.

So if this happens then a laptop bag will come in handy to bring out to work, school, and home. Perhaps of unknown places will guide him to answers (probably not).

Whatever the reason the bag itself is sweet and looks fashionable to thinks of the 10ths.

Deal with the unknown here. Amazon

Last but not least Mario’s necklace

Sorry, that came out wrong or right? Marios one of a hit to make itself into a necklace to wear of a mushroom, invincible star and/or mystery box.

Wear them and you might feel like one of those power-up that the Mario bros use against the tyrant. The browser

Combination and combination to the user will result in the depleted body that Mario will exhaust on.

Let see what’s in the mystery box. Amazon


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Salvatore V Jenkins Jr. September 25, 2018 at 3:26 am

Now you’re talking my language, Video games, and collectible video game memorabilia.

All the items sound cool and because of playing the games I can envision what they look like!

However, I couldn’t find some of them on Amazon… Your links seem to just bring up a blank page! I look forward to you fixing it and then I can check them out!

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