Horror games adventure

by Terra Logan

Hello guys, and welcome again to our adventure search of satisfactory gaming. I’m going to talk about the anticipated chill horror genre (games).

The exciting unknown creatures lurking in the shadows to spoke or kill bystanders for the fun of pleasures. It’s up to the players to escape or fight them using guns to win the day. Otherwise, be subjected to their mercy to make the painful death of gore, blood, and violence. WARNING: only people of proper 17 and older to read my blog about the events.

I will not be responsible for little kids should know better than to read about adult supervision content. Will only because of trauma to those that will not listen. Ok here goes.

A search of my lover in “Dead space”

Isaac Clarke is among a few and well known of engineering and ship system specialist. He and the other team receive a message about his girlfriend in space.

Stated only a video of herself said about how sorry she is about the foundation she made. At present Isaac, Kendra, and Zack on board ship and located Nishimura; a vessel mine USG.

Just when landed to repair space communications. They have been hit with an electric impose. But survive the crash. The situation hasn’t changed, must have been an error of docking landing.

Hack into a night lounge, nobody is here all power is gone but the light is on, check in the security computer display. Ship on the motherboard is in heavenly damage. Can use Tran system back online.

They are under attack by a shadowy figure. Isaac is in the other room. While all this happening, he escapes with no time thinking to get to safety. He’s being an attack from behind chasing Isaac, mad dash he runs. Until he sees an elevator and made it in time, in a dramatic music on.

After finding weapons and kill aliens. Isaac found his team, on the other side. Both of them debate about getting out of here alive and to do so is the quarantine. But need access the personal files while Isaac repairs the tram to get to his girlfriend coal. So the scary yet brutal adventure on abandon mothership explain the cause, find the girl and saves his friends all while trying to survive the madness.

Know the difference “the evil within”

“Know the difference” is exactly what this game all about. Drive by an officer, a new case has shown. “Apologies detectives but I’m just going in a detour,” he said. Reports in about multiple homicides, checking in the recent abandon hospital with three detectives. This protagonist this time is Sabastian, nothing else to go on. You can play the game or watch videos about this game to know more.

After opening the doors at the hospital, corpse around. Luckily, only a doctor survive couldn’t make out what he said, they can check the surveillance camera to learn what happens in here. In the video saw officers shooting the criminal but runs up to them like “The flash” run and kill three of them. Only the criminal looks up the camera and disappear, a few moments later hesitation of a shock to sabation, senses at what’s behind him and immediately knocks him out.

Slowly beginning to waken upside down by a rope. Regain consciouses, only to saw a butcher cover in blood with a helmet cage on and an ax knife to his right side. Sabastian quickly tried to set himself free and figure out on how to escape from the psycho. Unfortunately, he heard of the alarm security on the second floor.

The detective makes a run for it at the skin of his teeth or blood pool when he fell on the slide when he opens the hutched. Safe, covered in blood but mostly safe from the psycho. Through the sewers, he makes his way to the exit, but the return of the psycho is back, only this time he had a chainsaw intact.

Sabastian hides in the locker only to see an opening of escape. I forgot to mention that he still hurt from the slide, so he’s limping escape. Waiting for the timing of the psycho movement to get through the door.  Escape the puzzle maze floor and manage to get the elevator just in time for a nap. Just wish Sabastian had an extra cigarette on his breast pocket.

Make sure you’re still hidden “Outlast”

Here’s who you are “you are miles Upshur, an investigative reporter whose ambition is about to earn him an intimate tour of hell on earth. Always willing to risk digging into the stories no other journalist would dare investigate, you will seek out the dark secret at the heart of Mount Massive Asylum.

Stay alive as long as you can, record everything. You are not a fighter; to navigate the horrors of Mount Massive and expose the truth, you’re only choices are to run, hide, or die”. Said the beginning of the game.

On a dark night, miles driving the car to the conspiracy hospital where experiments on the patients are at. Inside the gate, the doors are a lock, so miles improvise to get another way in. Was able to get in by unfinished construction site, but immediately lights were out; use the com camera nightlight to see the darkroom. Make way through distorted equipment (and found some lights).

Grabbing files about some therapy statistics. Stumble upon a door where a dead corpse hanging upside down (including dramatic music to scare me). Was scare as he processed forward in spite of it, he saw a man while being surprised. He mumbles on about the variants attack these people, including the soldier himself. Was dead against but gave out a warning and instruction to leave the premises.

Onward miles heard a chain of shackles but quickly disappear from detection. As slowly, as a walk through the bookshelf, he heard a sentence  “little pig” caught by a big man; raw face, as big as 7 foot. Thrown miles out in the window, as he slowly dazes and injured to barely see; a man appears out of nowhere and looks like a father in the church. Disappear in site when miles completely regain consciously.

Explore the surrounding homes in, try to hack in the security to unlock the main doors. Was able to bypass security door by card. Miles was about to open the gate but the right side of the camera, father shut down the power generator.

Alright, any more exciting events will be stopped here thanks again.

Fight through of the end of the world, “The last of us”

Awaken by the heroine father, talking about losing his job. The two talk and bonding. And sleep again only to wake up by someone name Tommy. Witnessing on the news about the infection in Austra and a bomb erupts near the town. Startled and scared of what’s happening outside.

Her father arrives earlier than expected, worried about his daughter. Surprise an intruder by the name of Jimmy, slamming on the window door to break in. Both in drawback away the father shot him. Both decide to leave the house for after shelter including a friend along to drive.

Traffic cars as they arrive, they expected the same thing of escaping the city. A man inside complains while being an attack from the infect people. Turn over for other places to exit, on the drive and many people pass was hit by another car which loses conscious.

Awaken again by the same night, Sarah wakes his father and turn to him to control the player. Sarah injured her leg and the situation has gotten worse by the second. While carrying Sarah to the protection and run; Tommy protects the father and soon after leaving both of them while marriage the door from the infect people.

No way else to go but the forest being chased by them, a miracle happens; a soldier shot them and the father said everything is ok. Soldier stop them from proceeding, awaiting orders from advisors. Confirm to shoot but save by Tommy gun, unfortunately, Sarah is shot in the organs. Crying in pain, agonizing soon after seconds went by Sarah stop crying to confirm his death, sad by this event even cry.

Chaos and destruction by country and country, thousand died and confirm a disease called Firefly. It started it all and madness disease continues.

Twenty years later. I stop here to finish this sequel.

And to confirm

All games of horror start at strong, expect or driven by the lack of passion, but nothing seems to go exactly any of them expected and was given a task, a dark task. These characters will do absolutely they can to finish off what they started all while not to break their characters in a mist of insanity. Oh and below there is a site to visit to see and think to give a feedback.

Outlast= amazon.com

The last of us= amazon.com

Dead space- amazon.com 

The evil within=amazon.com




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Mike Viray October 5, 2018 at 9:19 am

I’m a big fan of horror-themed games. Throughout the years I’ve played SIlent HIll games, RE games and even a bit of Dead Space. It’s nice to see devs continue to make horror games and new IPs, and hopefully we also see more installments in established horror game franchises. I’d love to see more Silent Hill and Dead space games to be honest.

Nice list.

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