It was long yet unfinished

by Terra Logan

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A man’s resolve is an absolute conviction. Here’s my close call 5 contents games to enjoy. 


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Alex, a teenager, is on the last ferry heading to the fictional Edwards Island for a weekend party. She is accompanied by Ren, her stoner friend, and Jonas, her new step-brother.

On the island, Alex and company meet Clarissa, ex-girlfriend of Alex’s late brother Michael, and Nona, Clarissa’s best friend and Ren’s love interest.

Ren explains the island was once a military base and that the island’s only permanent resident, Maggie Adler, has recently died.

After camping on the beach, Alex, Ren, and Jonas explore the nearby caves, where it is rumored certain radio frequencies cause supernatural events. In a small cavern, Alex tunes her radio and unexpectedly forms a dimensional rift.

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A voice answers and the teens experience visions before passing out. Jonas and Alex awake in front of a communications tower elsewhere on the island. Ren calls, having passed out in the woods, while Clarissa calls from the decommissioned military fort on the island.

In the woods, Jonas and Alex encounter supernatural events, including Alex’s reflection in the water communicating with her, objects moving on their own, and time looping repeatedly.

Time corrects when Alex plays a reel-to-reel tape. They spot Nona, who claims she saw an alternate Jonas and Alex. Alex and Jonas find Ren, but after another time loop, they find him possessed by a “ghost”.

Using the radio, Alex creates another rift which returns Ren to normal. Ren and Nona return to the tower.

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At the military fort, Alex’s reflection appears in a mirror, giving Alex advice. A ghost questions them and possesses Jonas, revealing that the ghosts are the passengers of the submarine USS Kanaloa, thought lost at sea.

Alex creates another rift that revives Jonas. They find Clarissa, but time loops to her jumping to her death before disappearing. Nona, Alex, Jonas, and Ren regroup at Harden Tower.

Unable to send a radio transmission off the island, Ren suggests finding the key to Maggie Adler’s estate, where she kept a boat.

At Adler’s estate, a possessed Clarissa talks with Ren; her conversations and scattered letters left behind by Maggie Adler reveal that Adler mistakenly interpreted scrambled messages from Kanaloa as an enemy transmission, and the submarine was sunk by friendly fire.

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The crew was not killed, but transported to another dimension due to the sub’s experimental nuclear reactor. Adler and her friend Anna attempted to communicate with the Kanaloa crew via a radio, but Anna was absorbed through the rift.

The Kanaloa crew intend on using Alex and her friends’ bodies to escape the dimension, keeping them on the island long enough for their possession attempts to be successful.

Developer: Night School Studio

Publisher: Night School Studio

Director: Adam Hines and Sean Krankel

Designer: Adam Hines and Sean Krankel

Programmer: Bryant Cannon

Artist: Heather Gross

Writer: Adam Hines

Composer: Andrew Rohrmann

Engine: Unity

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch, Linux, IOS, and Android

Release: January 15, 2016

Genre: Graphic adventure

Mode: Single-player

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Customer Review: 5 out of 5

Rating: 1

Opening: trailer

Cost: Amazon=$72, eBay=$45, and Apple=$5

Where: Amazon, eBay, Apple 

Sam and Max save the world 

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The game opens with Sam and Max lounging in their office, awaiting a new case after a long hiatus. Eventually, the commissioner sends them out to investigate a group of former child stars, the Soda Poppers, who have been causing trouble in the neighborhood.

The Soda Poppers are attempting to promote a self-help video called Eye-Bo, which hypnotizes the viewer. After seeking assistance from Sybil to reverse the hypnotism on the Soda Poppers by knocking them unconscious, the Freelance Police learn that the scheme has been devised by one Brady Culture — another former child star who owes his fall from popularity to the rise of the Soda Poppers.

Sam and Max and the Soda Poppers confront Culture, who hypnotizes the Soda Poppers again. However, Sam manages to fool Culture into ordering the Soda Poppers to attack himself, subduing the threat.

The next case the Freelance Police gets involves liberating a studio audience held hostage by a deranged TV talk show host, Myra Stump. At the TV station, Sam and Max deduce that Myra has been hypnotized and, after using other shows in the studio  to become celebrities, they convince her to let them become guests on her show.

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Once on the show, Sam notes a strange toy bear on the host’s desk, the source of the hypnotism. Using the studio sound system, Sam electrocutes both Myra and the bear, allowing the audience to leave.

An anthropomorphize dog and rabbit in an office. The office is dilapidated, the windows are boarded up and the walls strewn with bullet holes.

The commissioner then tasks Sam and Max with infiltrating the Toy Mafia, a criminal organization operating from a casino.

The commissioner’s mole in the organization has gone quiet; he wants the Freelance Police to find out what happened to the mole. Sam and Max quickly discover that the Toy Mafia are responsible for the toy bear that hypnotized Myra.

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As they gain the Mafia’s trust, they ascertain that the mole has switched sides and is now leading the outfit. After discovering that the casino is a front for a factory producing the hypnotizing bears for mass distribution, the Freelance Police sabotage the factory and destroy the operation.

Soon after, the US President starts bringing in bizarre policies; Max is particularly concerned about the introduction of gun restrictions, while Sam believes the President has been hypnotized.

At the White House, Max decapitates the President, revealing him to be a mechanical puppet designed to hypnotize the nation through TV broadcasts.

The President’s bodyguard, none other than the now-fallen Toy Mafia’s pit boss, activates a giant robot disguised as the statue at the Lincoln Memorial to run in an emergency election against Max.

Sam discredits Lincoln’s campaign, resulting in Max winning the presidential election. Lincoln begins a destructive rampage through Washington D.C., but is neutralized when Max fires an intercontinental ballistic missile at him.

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Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games

Designer: Brendan Q. Ferguson, Dave Grossman, and Steve Purcell

Composer: Jared Emerson-Johnson

Series: Sam & Max

Engine: Telltale Tool

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Wii, and Xbox 360

Release : October 17, 2006

Genre: Graphic adventure

Mode: Single-player

Customer Review: 2

Rating: 3 out of 5 

Opening: Trailer 

Cost: eBay=$25 and Game Stop=$3

Where:  eBay, Game Stop


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Machinarium opens with an overview of the eponymous city as a disposal flier launches from the pinnacle of its highest tower. The player character, a robot called Josef.

is dumped on a scrapheap, where he re-assembles himself and sets off for the city. Entering the city, he discovers a plot by the Black Cap Brotherhood, his three criminal antagonists, to blow up the city’s tower.

Unfortunately, he is himself discovered and locked up. After breaking out of prison, Josef aids the citizens of the city, as he discovers the mischief which the Brotherhood has been working.

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Shortly after flooding the Brotherhood’s room, Josef locates his girlfriend Berta, who has been locked up and forced to cook.

Unable to free her, he works his way to the top of the tower. After he foils the Black Cap Brotherhood’s plot by disarming the bomb taped to the tower, Josef reaches the highest room, in which the story began.

A huge-headed robot, the “head” of the city, sits in the middle of the room, incapacitated and gibbering. Josef recalls how the three of them lived happily until the Black Cap Brotherhood zapped this friend, leaving him disabled, and kidnapped Berta.

When a garbage sucker arrived to dispose of the Black cap thug, it apprehended Josef instead. After this revelation, Josef restores his friend to sanity, dumps the Brotherhood down a drain, and frees Berta.

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Developer: Amanita Design

Publisher: Amanita Design, Lace International, and Daedalic Entertainment

Designer: Jakub Dvorský

Composer: Tomáš Dvořák and Engine Adobe Flash

Platform: Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, iPad 2, BlackBerry Play Book, Android, and Nintendo Switch

Release: October 16, 2009

Genre: Graphic adventure

Mode: Single-player

Customer Review: 122

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

Opening: Trailer

Cost: Amazon=$5  eBay= $6.50 Game Stop=$7  Apple=$5

Where: Amazon, eBay, Game Stop and Apple

Full throttle 

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The last domestic motorcycle manufacturer in the country is Corley Motors, whose founder and CEO, the elderly Malcolm Corley, is en route to a shareholders meeting at the Corley factory, accompanied by his vice president, Adrian Rip burger.

Malcolm suspects that Rip burger is scheming to take over the company, and is suspicious of Rip burger’s  plan to recruit a biker gang to ride with them to the meeting. Malcolm’s limousine is overtaken by one such gang, the Polecats, and he is immediately impressed with them.

Catching up to them at a biker bar, he quickly befriends their leader, Ben. Rip burger offers to hire the Polecats to escort Malcolm to the meeting, but when Ben declines, he is knocked out by Rip burger’s  flunkies, Bolus and Nestor.

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Ben awakens to learn that the Polecats have been duped into escorting Malcolm, and that an ambush is planned for them further up the road. He tries to catch up, but his motorcycle has been sabotaged, resulting in a fiery crash.

He is rescued by young photographer Miranda and taken to the town of Melon weed, where he is treated by a mechanic named Maureen. Maureen describes how her father taught her about motorcycles, and repairs Ben’s bike after he retrieves necessary parts, adding a booster to it as well.

Ben catches up to the Polecats at a rest area, but is too late: Rip burger murders Malcolm and frames the Polecats for the crime. Miranda manages to catch the murder on film, but her camera is snatched by Bolus.

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Before dying, Malcolm tells Ben of Rip burger’s plan to take over Corley Motors and produce minivans instead of motorcycles. He reveals that Maureen is secretly his illegitimate daughter and begs Ben to convince her to take over the company. Bolus tries to kill Maureen, but she gets the drop on him and escapes with the film from Miranda’s camera.

With the Polecats jailed for Malcolm’s murder, Ben is a fugitive. Miranda tells him about her film, and Ben convinces semi-trailer truck driver Emmet to sneak him and his motorcycle past a police roadblock and to an abandoned mink farm where Maureen is hiding. He is stranded there when Emmet steals his motorcycle’s fuel line and Maureen steals his booster fuel.

Emmet’s truck is blown up by a biker gang called the Cavefish, destroying the bridge over Poyahoga Gorge, which Ben needs to cross. Having replaced his fuel line and gotten advice from the Polecats’ former leader, Father Torque, Ben outwits Nestor and Bolus and does battle with members of rival biker gangs in order to acquire hover equipment, booster fuel, and a ramp, with which he is able to jump his motorcycle over the gorge.

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Developer: Lucas Arts

Publisher: LucasArts

Designer: Tim Schafer

Artist: Peter Chan

Writer: Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman

Composer: Peter McConnell

Engine: SCUMM

Platform: MS-DOS, Classic Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, IOS

Release: April 30, 1995 and April 18, 2017 (Remastered)

Genre: Graphic adventure

Mode: Single-player

Customer Review: 34

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Opening: Trailer 

Cost: Amazon=$8, eBay=$5, Apple=$5

Where: Amazon, eBay, Apple

The Longest Journey

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The game takes place in the parallel universes of magic-dominated Arcadia and industrial Stark. The protagonist, April Ryan, is an 18-year-old art student living in Stark, identified as a ‘Shifter’ capable of movement between these worlds, and tasked with restoring their essential Balance.

The player character, April Ryan, is standing in front of The Tree in her dream.

The story begins in Stark, where a sleeping April unintentionally shifts to Arcadia and meets the ‘White Dragon’, who identifies her as the heroine of the coming story.

Upon learning this, April is attacked by a dark ‘Chaos Vortex’ and awakens in Stark, where she dismisses her experience as a nightmare. The character ‘Cortez’ later surprises her by revealing his knowledge.

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When surreal activity begins affecting her friends, April meets again with Cortez, who transports her to the Arcadian city Marcuria.

There she meets Tobias Grensret, Vestrum of the Sentinel; learns Alltongue, the common language in Arcadia; and hears from Tobias that the Balance protecting both worlds is dissolving after the dereliction of its Guardian, and must be restored by the appearance of another.

To return to Stark, April visits Brian Westhouse, a friend of Cortez, who assists her return; Cortez then tells her of the organization known as the Vanguard or Church of Voltec.

The next day, April consults Warren Hughes, a homeless boy who agrees to help April if she erases his criminal record and locates his missing sister, in doing which April finds a data cube on the Church of Voltec.

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Hughes then refers her to a hacker named Burns Flipper, who reveals that the wealthy magnate Jacob McAllen is head of the Vanguard, assisted by Gordon Halloway, a former candidate for Guardianship divided by the Vanguard into Chaos and Logic, and gives her a false identification by which to infiltrate the Vanguard through its front company MTI.

Meeting Cortez and Father Raul in a Catholic cathedral, April is told that Arcadia is on the brink of war. Later in Arcadia, April meets the innkeeper, Benrime Salmin, and the clairvoyant Abnaxus, ambassador of the Venar, who identifies the coming danger.

In the morning, April learns of four magical species, each of whom has prophecies of a savior who will restore the Balance, only to finally break it – and determines to visit one such species, the winged Altaian of the island Alanis, having gained sea-travel by rescuing a talking bird that she names Crow.

Before departing, she learns that she must defeat an alchemist named Roper Klacks, in order to free the ships’ wind that he holds captive.

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At Roper Klacks’ Tower, April challenges Klacks to use his magic against her calculator, and wins. Immediately before her departure to Alais, Tobias gives April the Talisman representing the Balance.

En route, April kills the monster known as ‘Gribbler’ while rescuing one of her captive Banda, whose species later give her the name ‘April Bandu-embata’ as a mark of gratitude and grant her part of the disc necessary to restore the Balance.

On the voyage to Alais, a ‘Chaos Storm’ attacks the ship, and April sabotages the ship’s compass to restore its course. When the ship’s captain seizes her Talisman, April attempts to retrieve it, and in so doing sinks the ship, whereupon the crew abandon her on a raft.

She is taken prisoner by the Maerum, a Mermaid-like species related to the Alatian, but currently their enemies. In revealing their common ancestry, April fulfills a prophecy of the ‘Waterstiller’, a foretold savior of the Maerum.

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Developer: Funcom

Publisher: Empire Interactive, Tri Synergy

Producer: Ragnar Tørnquist

Designer: Didrik Tollefsen, Ragnar Tørnquist

Programmer: Morten Lode, Audun Tørnquist

Artist: Didrik Tollefsen

Writer: Ragnar Tørnquist

Composer: Bjørn Arve Lagim

Platform: Microsoft Windows, iOS

Release: Windows November 19, 1999

Genre:   Point-and-click adventure

Mode:    Single-player

Customer  Review: 40

Rating: 3.1 out of 5

Opening: Trailer

Cost: Amazon=$25 used, eBay=$22, 

Where: Amazon, eBay,