Sorry in advance

by Sapphire21

Sorry you guys

I’m sorry I can’t upload any video games crazy topics. The reason is because I feel sick and I barely had an energy to paste images and writing. All I can do now is tell you guys how are you are doing? And I like to ask, how have been my post been doing? Or was it really good? Gimme some commits on these paste and think about what kind of impression you had since entering my site.

Any Good News

I have been reading comics and magazines, or game information about any old retro games made in the past, recent modern and new games coming in 2019, and/or about any important people made announcement claiming to make an adjustment on the video games. Stuff about DLC hasn’t been downloaded on the game disc. Taken them for almost half of the year just to make a one DLC storyline. But I like my questions to be answer than remain unanimously.

They had these crazy PlayStation VR ( I know it’s old news but, I like to remind everybody how fast these games console or similar; are developing ). I taken a liberty to make use a VR on myself to see how wonderful they are in action. Just what I expected from the company. Amazing!!! Simply amazing, including the camera and two modern joysticks to control. It blows my mind and eyes off, that I became a character of my own game. It felt real and at the same time not. I had options to see and visualize the incoming story I made to look at on the protagonist perspective. The new ways to keep improving on the headset is to update download from PlayStation download.

Any horror you guys like to know.

I’m still waiting for any recommendations of bone-chilling scare horror games that you guys like to mention. Even old classic horror games are still suited for me to write about. It’s all about quality my friends and not quantity. There were at least ten new video games that either been released already or have a demo to get the gist of the full scare stories. Give me any flaws that I still need to update my website to your liking. I’m not going to bite, just a couple of questions on where can I find this particular site?

Might also include any music with the dramatic effects in the gameplay.

What have I been doing?

(I’m letting you guys know that down below is not an actual photo made by me. Got it from the web. Sorry.)

I have been in a school program that lets me retrain myself to get better job opportunities. I passed the orientation but my test score is probably what I expected. An average grade.

It was hard enough for me to get up early in the morning to attend school grounds but, harder enough to cramp back all that knowledge back into my brain. Gotta make the most of it for my career. Weeks went by and been able to formalize myself with high studies classes. Apparently, I’m very good with math as a favorite subject.

Every month, I taken a test to improve myself and climb back on top of my credits. Two subjects I need to work on like my previous statement “apparently I’m good at math” or something like that. I ask all my teachers to help me to improve my brain and understanding the subjects. They all agree to assist, unfortunately, I can’t say the same with my classmate, some are eager to pass the criteria test though. I just continue to operate my daily attendance.

Any crazy ideas for my post

By now, you would have it already realized that I was able to put together an insane content writing about almost any that may or may not be about a made-up plot. With every new and old stories are made, comes in insanely good graphics and pixels. How can you guys at least not been able to purchase any games that I laid out for your audience? In the near future, if I have a second bank account ready. I will show you guys a little something that is very popular and won’t let you spend a dime on any these games. But it’s still at a testing phase and not sure I can input it on my post. But I always somehow managed to meet your expectations and myself too.

Any questions, give me an email comment?

Yeah, you want to know why I put a comma there at the end of the title? Simple “I’m still new at this”. 😔 yup, I’m not sure even if I put an email address here, and almost in hesitation and browsing the web. I was just about put the email in this post. However, in a blog forum states, I might get a virus hijackers in my email address. I gotta slow down and think this over to get more email marketing flowing in. And I only started a website less than a month in a half.

Now then…

Alright, you guys I’m still sick and have a hangover headache. I might be able to post a game post at least Saturday or Sunday this weekend ( I’m a fast healer). But feel very crappy right now. I also like to know about Thanksgiving video games ( hey it’s not a stretch that a turkey is in the games in part of; like the saying goes ” Anything goes so long as it floats”). So yeah I don’t think I come across any turkey-related games, but there are some games that can’t be created by. I hold onto that belief until I find that one.

Before I finish my post, I like to know which website that can sell games products that can’t be sold in any stores. That’s right, a conspiracy. Any shady business that can be sold in underground and can’t be released on E3. Were talking professionals, audiences, secretary and guards that be blocked by outsiders. (Sniff) ahhh, the sweet smell of unknown, expensive, old or new games that can be sold in the underworld. Thanks for reading.

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