Step in to stop crime- vigilante heroes

by Terra Logan

Sorry sorry you guys I have a bit of a dilemma in my social life but now I can write as much in my blog or website as possible if I had some free time

So without any distractions here’s some of my motto for the day.

Ever wish there crime stop, killing mugging and perhaps a savior from distress.

Now we can with a suit up armor to well adjust equipment. Superpowers or slightly advance modern technology.

Our heroes stop the villains and taken in their own hands to show not only the villains but civilians some hardcore justice.

Here’s our list of five heroes behind the mask or hood to stop crime alert from spreading.

Now then without a second… Oh, by the way, I say as much as possible to say the games opinions as I choose the commission product. Here goes.

Sneak in to pure light, defy the power= assassin creed bro

Release date: Nov 16, 2010
Series: Assassin’s Creed
Sequel: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
ESRB Rating: Mature
Platforms: Xbox 360 · Microsoft Windows · Xbox One · PlayStation 4· OS X · PlayStation 3
A place to purchase collection: eBay price $130
Or just the first game: eBay price $13
two secret organization fight against each other for power. one side of complete control other is for humanity free will. Desmond out protagonist caught in the crossfire to relive his ancestors achievement.
the story begin of a man called ezio auditore have claim victory to lay waste on his mortal enemy spartinal and defeat Rodrigo to claim to artifacts: the apple and the staff. by combing the two; ezio enter the vault there witness a goddess name minerva.
she spoke in the near future the humanity will fall, but hasn’t lost hope and temples provide aid to help in this crisis. in all in all ezio continues to persuade his service on to protect the people and stop spaniard to his corrupted ways.
so basically all hell on loose between Desmond, memories ancestors and the enemies of temples; that the stake has never been higher than before. time running out on the assassins to search of piece of Eden to control a person will. lets just hope that the ezio and Desmond find solution both past and present.

civil war on the city: batman Arkham Knight

Initial release date: June 23, 2015
Series: Batman: Arkham
Developer: Rock Steady Studios 
Engine : Unreal Engine 
Desinger: Ian Ball
 Programmer: Ben Wyatt 
Writers: Martin Lancaster, Sefton Hill, Ian Ball
composer: Nick Arundel, David Buckley
Awards: BAFTA Game Award for British Game , Empire Award for Best Video Game 
place to buy: eBay  price: $20
from killing of the joker and saving the Gotham city from criminals. all peace will reach the people but only a fleeting moment. the struggle of power began, crimes went down, unfortunately the calm war begins at a moments notice.
only wish joker came alive to cause madness and mayhem. seem fairy tail but no one saw the incoming pass. A cop comes in the joint and grab brunch to go. The waitress complains the customer no smoking area. The cop checks in to warn the smoking area. but immediately surprise of the person attack him with a skull on his face.
it was soon discovered a toxic gas was affected in restaurant. About around millions of viewers saw this media and about 90% of Gotham city people fled, only stay behind were few officers and criminals were let loose. only one man stand rise to end this nightmare. That man is Batman.
oh by the way the man that threatened the city with toxic gas was Scarecrow.
so once again the city is in danger, but the only difference in all this may decide the entire world on Batman to make his biggest decision in his life that could decide on his crime days.

 swing through the city: Spider-Man

Developers. Insomniac Games
Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Brian Horton
  • Bryan Intihar
  • Marcus Smith
  • Ryan Smith
  • Cameron Christian
  • James Cooper
  • Mike Daly
  • Joel Goodsell
  • Mark Stuart
Programmers Joe Valenzuela
  • Jacinda Chew
  • Grant Hollis
  • Jon Paquette
  • Benjamin Arfmann
  • Kelsey Beachum
  • Christos Gage
  • Dan Slotts
Composers John Paesano
Platforms PlayStation 4
Release September 7, 2018
Genres Action-Adventure
Mode(s) Single-Player
place to buy: eBay  price: $55
the friendly neighborhood spider-man always and will save the city of new York. you see him in comics,videos, products and now in games. theres always something going on in the city. But this time the spider suit upgrade with a white design of spider in his chest and everywhere else.
The demons as we called them enforced them take extreme measure injustices. Both spider-man and Mary James (partner in safe distance hacker) found fisk asking the demons leader. shocking news was Mr. lee head company of CEO.
twist and turns about the quarter of city was demolish and spider-man save them with dramatic music. But when spider-man awaken lee, lee attack spider-man, hold him down with a blazing face of white light in his face and end the demo game with obvious dramatic music.

intergalactic space officer: Metroid: Samus Returns

Developers: Mercury Steam Nintendo EPD

Publishers: Nintendo

Directors: Jose Luis Marquez Takehiko Hosokawa

Producers: Yoshio Sakamoto

Designers: Jacobo Luengo Alexis Garrido Oberink

Programmers: Fernando Zazo Enrique Jesus Garcia Amezcua

Artists: Rafael Jimenez Rodriquez

Composers: Daisuke Matsuoka

Series: Metroid

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Release: september 15, 2017

Genres: Action-Adventure

Modes: Single-player

a place to buy: eBay

cost: $44
just any good fights on all organic life form, that the Galactic Federation research team discovered an unknown life form on planet SR388. while they were able to successfully obtain a living sample, their research vessel was attack by Space pirates during their voyage home.
it was no coincidence. The space pirates set their sight on a mysterious organism called Metroids. They plan to use it, with enough power to conquer the galaxy. To combat this threat, the Galactic Federation dispatched a lone bounty hunter to infiltrate the space pirate base on the planet Zebes.
Against all odds, Samus Aran eradicated the Metroids on Zebes and defeated Mother Brain, the leader of the Space Pirates. And so their sinister plans were thwarted… for a time.
so hindsight the Samus was able to take care of it… for now but for more please select the commission to learn of the bounty hunter adventure.

go bananas: Deadpool

Developers: High Moon Studios

Publishers: Activision

Directors: Sean Miler

Producers: Brian Johnson

Designers: Joseph Shackelford

Programmers: Michael Ricco

Artists: Damon Wilson-Hart

Writers: Daniel Way

Composers: Julian Soule

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One

Release: Microsoft Windows, PS3, Xbox 360 June 26-28 2013

PS4, Xbox One November 17-20 2015

Genre: Action, Beat’em up, hack and slash

Mode: Single-Player

a place to purchase: eBay


Introducing Deadpool he’s… He’s actually waiting for a script of game developing. That’s right in his apartment he’s called all different people to get his own personal game starring Deadpool.
With a few explosions options, he was in and ready to face off a demon lord called morgui.
Something about to take out all heroes with his cloning devices to make himself more duplicate.
Oh, Deadpool did end him but only a clone and found a clue of his whereabouts.
Yeah, he knows he’s coming for him, all the more reason to make more exciting for Deadpool to hunt down his prey only problem is his sense of dark twitst humor.
That’s all for a moments time and please like and subscribe my website, see y’all later.

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Kim October 5, 2018 at 7:56 am

Hi i saw a preview on that new spiderman game and it looked awesome and the fighting mode where really realistic i have always been a huge spiderman fan 🙂  Have you tried it yourself? Because most of these games you can usually complete the whole game really fast which i think is a bad thing about these games. 

    Sapphire21 October 5, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    I do play them and I finish them, but I take my time finishing the whole story and enjoy the music or song they made in situations.

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