This time bad guys turn

They’re the stars now!

That’s right you guys, it’s the antagonist turn to take a piece of the action on their side of the story.

Many wonders what the bad guys will do and stop the good guys win. Even they want a slice of the pie.

So sit back and drink your soda cause I name the games that help the good guys win all the time (I describe as little as possible to enjoy the intro recommendation).

Crave for power: Shadow the hedgehog

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Engine: RenderWare

platforms: Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Release: NA: November 15, 2005. PAL: November 18, 2005. JP: December 15, 2005.

Genres: Platformer, action adventure, third-person shooter.

Modes: Single-player, multiplayer, co-op.

Where is it at Amazon or eBay


video trailer: shadow Opening

There in the sunrise of the central city stood a red-black figure of hedgehog known as shadow the hedgehog.

who apparently know two things in his mind: reorganization of his name and an image keep popping into his head “maria”.


Anemia he had since his awakening, but before he went to search of his identity; an apocalypse rise the sky with red.

A herald of demons falls from the sky for wreaking havoc on civilians. Causing mayhem and destruction.


Shadow isn’t interesting saving the lives of others and decide to leave but was stop by a phantom sorcerer man.

He claimed that shadow owns him the SEVEN chaos emerald as promised. Dumbfound as shadow has no recollection of making such a promise.

Shadow ask question to the phantom but was disappear with explosion in his departure. until a few moments later, shadow realize in order for him to reclaim his memories is to get the seven chaos emeralds. He departed as well with convictions in his speed.

hold your ground: Injustice: God Among Us

Series: injustice

engine: Unreal Engine 3

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Will U, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, IOS, Android.

Release: April 16, 2013

Genre: Fighting

Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Where to find it: Amazon or eBay


injustice trailer: opening


it was a cold and ugly place, specially the metropolis city was destroyed by a bomb. Millions of people died by the hands of joker, reports and people come in by the sudden event. The joker is in the interrogation room guarded by the SWAT team and question by The batman. The batman question the joker where did he get his hands on the nuke bomb?

just then the batman beat the sense out of the joker, superman came crush-in and do it himself. the joker somehow drug superman long enough to blow up his wife and unborn child. The joker is very thin on mocking his family and inheritance. Made him mad enough to push aside batman to kill the joker in his final laugh.

Elsewhere the heroes are constantly fighting back the villains making sure luthor breaks free of the joker. unfortunately was escape and set two traps by death stroke. they fight and batman wins only were concerned about joker disappearance. Did find luthor in the watch tower obviously they fight and batman wins again.

the only difference this time that luthor gave the bomb to joker and set up a explosion at the metropolis. no time to think about that batman and most of the league race to stop the bomb to set off. they talk to buy time, but fail and somehow manage to teleport to another metropolis city.

Caught in a crossfire: Dead or alive 5 last round

Series: Dead or Alive

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows.

Release: NA: September 25, 2012. JP: September 27, 2012. AU: September 27, 2012. EU: September 28, 2018.

Genre: fighting

Modes: Multiplayer video game, a single-player video game.

Where?: Amazon or eBay


dead or alive 5 trailer: opening 

in the war-zone, only four soldiers and a general scout the area. found a child and leave it alone only to be surprise by a rectangle light.

during the same time in new York, a boxer fights with a woman in sparring match. they both fought with passion but was defeated by a female boxer name Mila.

Elsewhere again in the war, back resume by the shining light, Somehow a man was able to knock down all the soldiers in a flash of light including the general. Barely conscious enough to see a shadow of the man with a sword. The sword was reflected by the sun and made him disappear into the shadows without a trace.

Get bigger and nicer things: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

Series: Super Mario Wario

Platforms: Game boy

Release: JP: January 21, 1994. NA: March 13, 1994. EU: May 13, 1994.

Genres: Platforming

Modes: Single-player

Where: Amazon or eBay

Cost: $13-38

wario land 3 trailer: opening 

Old classic and retro. in the distance sea, after the losses to his rival mario, wario set out a quest to steal a golden statue of princess toadstool from the brown sugar pirates and captain syrup. The journey will be long and hard by enemies that wario will have to face guarded by the princess.

I love them Feisty: Death by degree

Series: Tekken

Platform: PlayStation 2

Release: JP: January 27, 2005. NA: February 8, 2005. EU: April 15, 2005.

Genre: action- adventure, beat ’em up

Mode: Single-player

Where: Amazon or eBay


death by degree trailer: opening

In the middle of sea by the ship is held a tournament of gladiators, including a spies infiltrated on-board the ship. Nina Williams made a victories won by a free for all battle royal. with the crowed cheer and applause to her victory. On the next day she surround herself with attackers during her resort relaxation.

In the mist of all this was interrupted by two interesting characters a woman and behind the gallery is other hit-man butlers are stand guard to follow any new orders. Eager to of having a new hit-girl following the woman in charge, she immediately dispatch her guards to make her join her cause.


A total bad-ass in a making: Resident Evil Revelations 2

Platforms: resident evil Revelations 2 

First release: resident evil: March 22, 1996

Latest release: resident evil 7: biohazard. January 24, 2017

Where at Amazon or eBay


resident evil 2 trailer: opening

a man narrator introduces a bio-terrorism and engineering catastrophe including a politics to sell themselves only a few votes and CEO betray them just to make a few bucks.

Now all that can change by a Terra save, They will not risk until their saves life. Is what the commerical said after joining in three companion working for the Terra save industrial.They argue over a boy until lights out in the boat ship and a enemies of Terra save or some other organization came and immobilize Claire red field.

Claire awaken in a cell prison with a device attach to her waist brand, soon immediately the cell door opens. Confusions and scared Claire walks out the cell and begins her escape with no understanding on whats going on? deep in the walls awaits terrible presence of unknown.

as such a little different

with only a limited amount of characters to be antagonist and still searching any new anti-heroes, i leave with only this amount of exciting music and dramatic event that only leaves the audience with spine tinkling and scared in their minds. thanks for reading and look at the trailer i set up. Soon after i will re-updated on my other post as well.