video game & stories part 2

by Sapphire21

A bit of update on previous post

trust me you guys, if I had to make a new video game post, I would have done it a long time ago. However the Halloween is coming up and I’m saving my best ones for last of upcoming events. just a little recollection and bring the old post to my new post, only this time with images, video trailers and all those games to explore. bear with me here and “I” might add a little description of a new game. let’s see then.

build a adventure: Ratchet and clank (2002)

In a war-bot factory on planet Quartu , a defective but intelligent robot escapes and crash-lands on Veldin, the home-world of the mechanic Ratchet. After being repaired, the robot, nicknamed Clank, reveals that he is on a mission to stop Chairman Derk, a corrupt Blargian business tycoon who harvests inhabited planets to create a new one for his race, the Blarg. Joining forces, the two take out several of Drek’s operations one-by-one while gathering gradual information on his plans. This move enrages Drek, who launches a manhunt for the duo.

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Developers: Insomniac Games

Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment

Designer: Brian AIIgeier

Programmer: Alexander Hastings Brian Hastings

Artist: John Fiorito, Dave Guertin, Greg Baldwin

Composer: David Bergeaud

Series: Ratchet and Clank

Engine: Kinectica

Platform: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation vita

Release: November 4-8, 2002

Genre: Plat former

Mode: Single-player

Image result for images of ratchet and clank 2002whereeBay, amazon, and GameStop

Cost: $15-$60

trailer: opening

Open the door-kingdom hearts

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Kingdom Hearts begins on Destiny Islands, where Sora and his two childhood best friends; Riku & Kairi live. The three friends want to leave the islands to explore new worlds and have prepared a raft for this purpose. One night, the islands are attacked by shadow creatures—the Heartless. Sora seeks out his friends, finding Riku, who disappears into a dark portal. At the same time, Sora obtains the Keyblade, a weapon effective against the Heartless. However, the islands are destroyed and Sora drifts into space. Meanwhile, King Mickey has left his own world to deal with the increasing numbers of Heartless and left instructions for Donald and Goofy to find the “key” that will protect the worlds from the encroaching darkness.

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Genre: Action role-playing, hack and slash

Developers: Square, Square Enix, Jupiter, h.a.n.d., BitGroove Inc., Success

Publishers: Square, Square Enix, Disney interactive Studios, Disney Consumer, Productas and Interactive, Media.

Creators: Shinji Hashimoto, Tetsuya Nomura

Composers: Yoko Shimomura

Platform: PlayStation 2, Game Boy advance, mobile phone, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Web browser, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Platform of origin: PlayStation 2

First release: Kingdom hearts March 28, 2002

Latest release: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue January 12, 2017

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where: eBay, Amazon, and Gamestop

Cost: $10-15-20

Trailer: opening

Be on the look out for a “sister”- BioShock

In 1960, at the start of the game, the protagonist, Jack, is a passenger on a plane that goes down in the Atlantic’s ocean. As the only survivor, Jack makes his way to a nearby lighthouse that houses a bathysphere terminal that takes him to Rapture.

Jack is contacted by Atlas via radio, and is guided to safety from the Splicers and the perils of the run down city. Atlas requests Jack’s help in stopping Ryan, directing him to a docked bathysphere where he claims Ryan has trapped his family. When Jack encounters a wandering Little Sister and its fallen Big Daddy, Atlas urges Jack to kill the Little Sister to harvest her ADAM for himself; Dr. Tenenbaum overhears this and intercepts Jack before he harms the Little Sister, urging him to spare the child and any other Little Sisters he encounters, providing him with a plasma that would force the sea slug out of her body.

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Developers: 2K Boston. 2K Australia

Publishers: 2K Games

Directors: Ken Levine

Designers: Paul Hellquist

Programmer: Rowan Wyborn, Christoper Kline,

Artist: Scott Sinclair

Writer: Ken Levine

Composer: Garry Schyman

Series: BioShock

Engine: Unreal Engine 2.5

Platform: Microsoft Windows. Xbox 360, PlayStaion 3, Mac OS X, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release: August 21, 2007

Genre: First-person shooter

Mode: single-player


Where: eBay, Amazon, and Gamestop


Trailer: Opening

Too many events happening- infamous

The protagonist is Cole MacGrath, a courier who is accused of triggering the explosion, which leaves him with the ability to absorb and project electricity. His closest friend, Zeke Zedekiah Dunbar, allows Cole to hide on his rooftop, despite his envy of the former’s powers. Trish Dailey, Cole’s girlfriend, abandons him out of anger over the death of her sister Amy, while most of Empire City’s residents view him as a terrorist. While attempting to escape the city with Zeke, Cole is contacted by FBI agent Moya Jones, who offers to clear his name if he helps her find her husband, fellow agent John White. White vanished while investigating a group known as the First Sons, who are believed to be responsible for orchestrating the explosion.

ScreenShot Image

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Director: Nate Fox

Series: Infamous

Platform: PlayStation 3

Release: NA: May 26, 2009, EU: May 29, 2009, AU: June 4, 2009, JP: November 5, 2009

Genre: Action-adventure

Mode: Single-player

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Where: eBay, Amazon, and Gamestop

Cost: $9-$12

Trailer: opening

A sister to the lord-Bayonetta

Cereza is first encountered by Bayonetta in a building in Vigrid, before a scene where she fights Fortitudo. She is seen again at the Umbran Training Ground Ruins, where Bayonetta saves her from a group of Angels. Upon being asked where she is from, she tells her that she is from “my house”, and went to the ruins because her “daddy told her to”. From there, she calls Bayonetta “Mummy”, and follows her through the ruins and then through Paradiso, where she is temporarily separated from her after a Beloved is endeared with her innocence and she is subsequently rescued by a Joy, in disguise as Bayonetta. Later the real Bayonetta and the Joy encounter each other and face off. Once the real Bayonetta winks to her, Cereza bites the Joy and flees back into the human world.

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Developer: Platinum Games

Publisher: Sega= 360, PS3, PC. Nintendo= Will U, Switch.

Director: Hideki Kamiya

Producers: Yusuke Hashimoto, Akiko Kuroda, Histoshi Yamagami, Atsushi Yamagami.

Designer: Hiroshi Shibata, Masaaki Yamada

Artist: Mari Shimazki

Writer: Hideki Kamiya

Composers: Norihiko Hibino, Takahiro Izutani, Masami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Rei Kondoh, Takayasu Sodeoka, Erina Niwa, Naoto Tanaka, Yoshitaka Suzuki

Series: Bayonetta

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Nintendo Switch

Release: October 29, 2009

Genre: Action. hack and Slash

Mode: Single-player

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Where: eBay, Amazon or Gamestop

Cost: $15-$23

Trailer: opening

I just Crash your party: Crash Bandicoot

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Genre: Party, Platform, Racing

Developer: Naughty Dog, Eurocom, Traveller’s Tales. Dimps, Radical Entertainment, Polar bit, Vicarious Vision

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment. Universal Interactive Studios, Vivendi Universal Games, Sierra Entertainment, Activation

Creator: Andy Gavin, Charles Zembillas, David Siller, Jason Rubin, Joe Pearson

Platform: Game Boy Advance, GameCube, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mobile phone, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Zeebo

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Platform Of Origin: PlayStation

Year of Inception: 1996

Release: September 9, 1996

Where: eBay, Amazo,  and Gamestop


Trailer: opening 

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