Video games- stories

by Terra Logan

Ok, everyone, some of you knows about games not only has multiplayer shooting guns, race car driving or explore survival to craft items like mine craft.

No even among amass these beautiful features of graphic comes down about to tell a story about it. Even though among the engineer and science computer have a hard time to dialog to say the sentence follow up with slight music and try to pace the final bosses defeated like some kind of rocom to heroes saves the princess in distress. 

I’m giving you one of my favorites story games tales that move me to tears on how wonderful exciting and twisted plot scene to shock the audience. (WARNING: some of these games may not have a happy ending and have some 17+ mature ratings on).

Bioshock and infamous

These two games here may as well be a cousin from a different mother or father. Bioshock takes places as a first-person point of view shooter and started in a scene in an airplane with oddly no passengers by except the attend, the protagonist reaches out a logged or suitcase only to find of an old black and white photo of his family members of barn owners with a plain house in the background.

Then a sudden turbulence shifted to startled the characters which turn into a crash site of an impact forcing the plane to malfunction on the ocean. 

The character then swims up the surface to only been surrounding himself with fire parts of the plane site. He then tried to find land of his misfortunate event and by a miracle, he found land or building right in the middle of nowhere. The building looks completely massive, feels like belonging to a company skyscraper.

He enters only to find a shuttle-elevator that leads him below down to the faul of meboys. If that were the case except for below is a passage of underwater city so prepare yourself and discover what kind of conspiracy that lies in the city of dreams full of dangers.

Now then let’s go over to infamous; famous for artwork. It talks about a drop-out college student on the job delivering pizza or service with having friends and girlfriend at home only reminiscing on the job. 

Nothing new or dangerous at empire city, everything seems fine except there’s one delivery he has to deliver only to find out no one order so he decides to take a peek at the package only that minute touch the machine went haywire all over the city including himself in the explosive.

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce the protagonist name; he’s Cole McGrath and today changes his story forever and for everybody. When only saw daze illusion in the annihilated city like some bomb been hit in the war. Miracles by gift cole was alive and barely walkthrough in pain and bruise himself. 

Helicopters was scouting in the fields searching survivors who survive on that explosion. Cole quickly and limering ask help that he’s alive.

Bit by bit, cole notice some things were off as he desperately needs of help. And too late for anything else about the rescue lying there unconscious about the mess going on to the city. Government closes off to quarantine the city only crazy people were there to mess the neighborhood.

 The only thing still intact cole life, changes about happened inside his body of electricity and figure out how to control. I just hope in time for it all. The adventure begins discovering powers and secret inside of empire city.

Blast into kingdom hearts 

The story takes place about a boy and friends seeking real adventure by going to other worlds. Been stuck an island called “Destiny island” and friends name called Sora, Riku and Kairi. Been childhood friends for a very long time and decide to make a raft to set out the sea to see other places haven’t been visiting.

The days went by searching, playing and promises. On that very night, something disturbing happens as everybody set out to locate the problem only to find monsters run among to erupt the island. These creatures are called heartless, they seek weak hearts among the men. 

Sora was helping his friend Riku, but Riku offers his assistance during this madness. Try, try and try as sora might but suck in the pool of darkness reach out to his friend and light appear out of nowhere, in hand called a keyblade to appear to take the form of sora need of help.

With no explanation, Sora rush into the hidden passage that takes him to other worlds while still grasping the situation. Many events happen later, and I’m sorry I’m skipping on track on sora journey. But meet up with friends that grasp the situation make new friends and journey with companions to find his missing friends and fight powerful nemesis to cause out of order to the world.

Become a hero in the universe, by joining Ratchet and Clank

In a faraway Solana galaxy, there have been threats on the planet after planets destroy by the command one alien. Robots after robots have been made by an unknown factory and robot is as tall of a second building and scary if by sensing detection. Among by the maker of the machine, one robot has been detecting false default and soon afterward have been a sight eliminated on the spot.

The little one soon aware of the hostile attack and immediately escape with all his might. Amiss the chase found a spaceship and took off to find shelter, the robots chase after him as well in the ship and use laser bean to damage the ship was successful.

Fall from the sky the ship crash course to the planet valdin. There a lumbox hears and witness the crash and decide went in to investigate. Upon the site, he only found square size robot and decide to take home. These two meet and after the robot waken and exchange conversion with the lumbox, decide both are looking for a hero to stop a villain to terrorize the galaxy.

Last but not least, our sexy hunter Bayonetta

Get ready here goes the intro. She is coquettish and mysterious umbra witch. Two beautiful ladies are staring at the beautiful moonlight, time seems irrelevant to these two just so to enjoy the moment. 

Wish I can say about their surroundings and situation. They’re falling off a great cliff and stepping onto a piece of a clock tower all while fighting some angel ass. 

As they are fighting and falling, the narrator talks about the history of clans war. I know it gets weirds and out of control. Which is impressive, one monster angel comes with next. Ok, it’s a bit far let’s go back to the present where it starts all. In the graveyard, rain heavy comes pouring there is a man, letting out some urine on a tomb. Feeling better talking to a sister to praying a most recent deceased to ask God for salvation

Without notice, a light came from the sky while sister said to the Lord asking for protection. Then sister made an incantation to see the creature beings and fight them for groaning death. Not long afterward the person she was praying came back to the surface and join sister to fight. Tear, rip, shred sisters clothes began to change and revealed she fighting in her battle suit with guns, of course, the man in the grave assisting the hunter fight many angels.

After the battle, Bayonetta is still in search of two things in this world a missing earring and her lost past. Everything I said up until will be most exotic, thrill, life, and death adventure for our little hunter.

Climax folks!

These games stories are unpredictable and worthwhile. Games like these will get you to hook on and witness on abnormality. I thing I can say most people either hate the bad ending, tear sad moments or glitch one of the most gruesome game battles that sucks you in and leave you hanging to dry.